A1 Milk vs A2 Milk: What are the differences?

A1 Milk vs A2 Milk

Milk is a staple in human diets all over the world. We have all grown up drinking it every day. From young children to older adults, milk serves as a key source of nutrients like calcium and protein.

But gone are the days when people would obtain milk from their own cows. Dairy is a huge industry in itself now. These days there is more than one type of cow milk available in the market, and the milk you are getting from your dairy may not be of the best quality. Depending on the quality and the cow breed, milk is divided into 2 categories.

Types of Milk

In the olden days, milk was procured from native gir cow breeds which is known as A2 milk. But with increasing demand for milk, cross-breeding became popular among the dairy industry to increase milk production and make higher profits.

This gave birth to a new type of milk known as A1 milk which is made from these cross-bred cows. Most of the milk sold today in India and worldwide is procured from such hybrid cow breeds.

Wondering what the difference between A1 and A2 milk actually is? Don’t worry, we will decode it for you.

The Difference Between A1 and A2 Milk

Cow Breeds

The key difference between A1 and A2 milk lies in the breed of the cow that produced the milk.

A2 type of milk comes from desi Indian cow breeds like the Gir cows. On the other hand, the A1 milk is made from genetically modified cross-breeds like Holstein Friesian and Ayrshire.

Nutrient Value

A2 cows are grass-fed and taken good care of, which gives their milk more nutrients. Their humps contain a special vein called Surya Ketu Nadi which absorbs energy from the sun and moon, resulting in more nutritive properties in the milk.

Whereas, milk produced by A1 cows is possessed less nutritive values due to their genetic alterations.

Ethical Sourcing

Milk obtained from desi A2 cows is not just more nutritious but even ethically-sourced. The mother cow is milked only after its calf is fed. These A2 cows are treated like family and raised with great care.

On the other hand, A1 cow breeds are raised solely for milk production. The mother is separated from its calf after birth and often subjected to forced hormonal injections just to increase the amount of milk produced. These hormones eventually make their way into our bodies and can lead to hormonal imbalances.

Does A2 Type of Milk Offer More Health Benefits?

Yes, A2 milk has more nutritional value compared to A1 milk. Over the past few years, even scientists and researchers have raised concerns over certain adverse health effects of A1 milk.

Here are the key advantages of consuming A2 milk every day.

Aids Healthy Gut

A2 cows produce an amino acid called Proline. Whereas, in the crossbred A1 cows, this amino acid gets converted into Histidine due to genetic alterations.

Now, Proline prevents an indigestible protein called BCM-7 from entering our bodies. But since it is absent in A1 milk, BCM-7 enters our bodies leading to digestive issues, irritable bowel syndrome, and even a weaker gut. So drinking A2 milk will help you maintain healthy gut health and eliminate digestive problems.

Boosts Immunity

A2 milk contains more antibodies compared to A1 milk. It is also rich in Vitamin A, D, and strontium, thus protecting your body from harmful UV radiation.

Better Brain Health

The cerebrosides present in A2 milk help improve brain function. Being rich in nutrients, A2 milk also boosts nerve and brain development.

Reduces Cardiovascular Problems

A2 milk is rich in iron, vitamins and contains higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids too. This helps reduce bad cholesterol from your blood and improve your cardiovascular health.


From the above health benefits, you can conclude that A2 Milk is definitely a healthier choice for human consumption, especially for children and older people. We hope you too will choose A2 milk- the healthier alternative over the genetically modified A1 milk for your family’s needs.

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