How to choose best quality ghee

best quality ghee

A spoonful of ghee can transform a dish in totality! It uplifts the flavors, enriches the senses, and leaves you more satisfied than ever! Marvelous, indeed!

Indians have a historical relationship with ghee or clarified butter. In almost all households, ghee is a constant commodity on the dinner table. This is because this golden yellow-colored liquid packs a punch with nutrients vitamins and 0 carbs.

Each tablespoon of ghee has 115 calories. Even nutritionists and dieticians encourage individuals to use ghee as a substitute to butter, olive oil, etc. Cook with it or just add a teaspoon of ghee in a curry – the choice is yours!

How to choose best quality ghee in India

Demand has a way of encouraging malpractices. Due to high demand in the market, many vendors sell cheap quality ghee with a smaller price tag. Vegetable ghee is one such masquerader. This is not ghee at all because it is made from vegetable oil and not milk!

Many other vendors add spices to low-quality ghee or use preservatives to get the desired color. This ghee is usually sticky, flavorless, and easily nauseating. It tends to leave a weird aftertaste as well. To avoid this hassle, you must learn how to choose the best quality ghee. Below are the points to remember:

  • Buy cow ghee. It is the best quality ghee available.
  • Check the labels to see ingredients. These labels contain information about colors, preservatives, etc. You will also know if it has been made from grass-fed cows’ milk.
  • It should be packaged in glass bottles because plastic and other materials interfere with the texture and taste of ghee.
  • Once you buy it, check the texture, taste, color, and smell. It should be creamy, sweetly aromatic, golden yellow, and flavorful.

Where to buy quality ghee

We suggest that you buy quality ghee online from reliable vendors. If you have never bought ghee before, this may take time. But trust us, the research will pay off. Compare multiple products and then take the final call based on the aforementioned information.

We hope this article answered your question and cleared the air about the best quality ghee. If you have any more queries, please feel free to comment. We will be happy to help!

Nishit February 26, 2020 A2 Cow Ghee

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