Privacy Policy

This section clearly lays out the policies that you need to be aware of that Loving Cows LLP follows when it comes to your privacy:

The information you provide to us is highly safeguarded in terms of both privacy and we strictly adhere to follow the consumer privacy guidelines and use only the best technology to protect this information. You can be rest-assured we shall not misuse any information provided by you whether it’s through the website, mobile apps or any other mode of communication thereof. You agree to grant us permission to use the information you provide to us, included but not limited to our website, mobile applications or any other modes of interaction in the future.

Reliable & Established Online Payment

It’s necessary to remember that your name, email address and any other information you provide to us will be stored with us and from time to time also appear on the website when you re-visit. Just like other websites, our server also obtains the IP address and cookies of the visitor i.e You. For any online payments via credit cards, we use a third party secure and reliable payment gateway system-  PayUMoney. Note that credit card information that you put in on the website is not stored with us, instead it is only stored and encrypted on the Visa/Mastercard, whichever used.

Usage of Smart Cookies and Web Analytics 

A cookie is a message that the servers pass to your browser when you visit a website. The browser then stores this message in a small file called cookie.text. So typically any information you provide to us on our website such as name, email address etc is stored here. In order to have our website function most effectively, we do recommend that you enable the cookie settings on your browser. 


Here is a quick guide on how to enable Cookies:

  1. If you’re browsing from Google Chrome then click the three dots on the right hand side. 
  2. Select settings 
  3. On the left hand side, select privacy settings 
  4. Now choose, site settings 
  5. Under that select- cookies and site data 
  6. Finally turn it on, and you have enabled cookies

Another important thing to note is that Loving cows LLP uses Web analytics. Web analytics uses cookies to let us know how you arrived at our website as well as how you use our website. In no way is your IP address information misused, the address you provide is saved on secured servers. Only in the case of evaluating your website usage or activity it can be used, for the above given purpose only. It will never be used for acquiring any other data. In case, you don’t feel comfortable you can always disable the cookies on your browser, however please do note that if you do this, you will not be able to use and view the full functionality of the Loving Cows website. By using this website, you consent to the processing activities carried out for your data mentioned above.